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Welcome to Sheepdog Church Security!

Kris P. Moloney    

The Church must be a sanctuary of Safety and Security where people are free to gather in Jesus's name.

Church Security does not need to be complex or expensive. A lot of very good training can be done while emergency operations plans are being drafted. Training church staff and select volunteers to perform the duties of safety and security personnel reduces and mitigates risk, immediately.

Sheepdog Church Security provides safety and security training to the Church. We offer a wide range of courses to include: Child Protection, Control Tactics and Use of Force, CPR and AED Certification, Crime Prevention, Family and Friends CPR, Fire Safety and Evacuations, First Aid Certification, Severe Weather, and Verbal De-escalation.

We have an All-Hazards approach to training development which means we are consantly developing new courses and creating partnerships with expert instructors.

All of our training is provided solely by nationally recognized resources and subject matter experts to ensure the training your team receives is professionally recognized and based on the Best Practices for Church Safety and Security.