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Praise the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for battle and my fingers for warfare. -Psalm 144:1-

Welcome Safety/Security Directors!

Sheepdog Church Security    

Sheepdog Church Security saves churches time and money by providing ready-to-use training materials. Our Church Safety/Security training packets are downloadable in easy-to-alter media formats, so they may be adapted for any church size and setting.

Mitigate risk and reduce crime in the Church by giving your staff and volunteers the practical training they need to serve on the Church Safety/Security Team.

Our materials were developed by painstakingly researching nationally recognized publications and by close collaboration with subject matter experts in Church Safety, Crime Prevention, Emergency Medical Response, Fire Safety, Pastoral Protection, Security and a number of other fields of study and expertise.

Our belief is the Church should be a sanctuary, safe from unnecessary risks to persons, property and assets.